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This User Experience (UX) Design blog introduces UX design and features quick references to sites and resources that I find helpful or interesting in new technology and design.


I have a keen interest in all things that will help me design apps and websites that people will love. I often come across helpful resources in UX Design. The problem is that they are everywhere and it's not always easy, even with google, to find the exact peice of information when you need it.

I needed a way to quickly find and share the information about books I've read, websites, tools, articles and even San Diego UX organizations.


I created a blog with Wordpress. This blog has been recently become responsive, so it can be easily viewed from mobile phones and tablets too.


I created a UX Design blog that has been keeping me organized since 2008. I post things that I might want to reference later or share. ellensinsite.wordpress.com is a central place to find out about the benefits of UX Design, San Diego UX design groups, books on the subject and other UX design topics.