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user research - design - development

I designed and developed the client user interface for the Nav I/O satellite communication data monitoring system.


Satellite communication test engineers needed a way to monitor large quantities of data, in real-time, from multiple sources such as; ship antennas, shore antennas, a ship simulation roll tower and communication terminals on both ship and shore. The challenge was to present this information to engineers in a way it can be easily viewed and recorded.


I was responsible for all project phases for the client software such as the user's guide, requirements, ideation, design, user interface development and testing. Paper prototypes were used early in the project lifecycle. Visual Studio with Visual Basic and C# was used as well as Graphical display tools: gauges, stripcharts.


The NAV I/O software displays antenna and roll rower data via analog and digital display. The Nav I/O allows satellite engineers to control many display and recording intervals, modes and more.