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Osler Clinical Performance Platform


Osler started as a desktop app to help emergency room clinicians log, review and learn acute care procedures. Osler works well on the desktop, but could be harder to use on mobile devices due to small screen size. Osler clinicians need a consistent intuitive design throughout their experience. Clinicians are working on many tasks at once and are often interrupted. They need to quickly and easily complete their tasks and know that logging their work will help them excel in mastering their skills.


This first release of the mobile app focused on logging emergency room procedures. I consulted with Osler stakeholders and engineers. Our plan was to: 1. Recommend best practices for interaction based on the latest UX research and the newest technology. 2. Begin creation of screen designs, architecture and a style guide.


I created a style that can be applied consistently across the entire app. Recommendations were made about the use of color, type, icons, graphics, wording and interactivity. I am happy to say that, within a few weeks of delivery, my contributions were included in the app that was released in the app store!