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Making it easy to find the events at the library and maintaining this website has been a great job since 2009.


The North University Community Library has many great events and resources available to the community. The Friends of the North University Community Library sponsor community events and fund special projects for the library and its patrons. They need a cost effective way to let people know what's being offered at the library.


The libraries website is currently using Wordpress, which allows the site to reamin consistent across browsers. Wordpress can also be easily updated by others who work for the library and not just the webmaster. I make sure the library's website is kept up to date and is working well for people. I also recommend future changes to the site.


The library's visitors currently have a place for people to see what is planned for the current month. They can rely on the information on this website to be correct and kept up to date. The library has a fast, inexpensive and efficient way to communicate.